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With just under two weeks left I seriously need to get my idea sorted. I personally believe that both the D&AD talk/workshop and the workshop with Clive flowers, which was about confidence that we had last year, have influenced me the most, especially as they where both in uni. If they weren’t part of our course, I’d definitely think twice before participating in them, and I think thats the point David was getting at.

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Instead of an event celebrating those entering the industry, but an inspiring talk and workshop delivered by D&AD + industry professionals.

The aim of the talks and workshops

  • To inspire those about to graduate
  • To tell them that they are capable of doing anything
  • They should believe in themselves
  • Fake it until you make become it


  • Through stories
  • Confidence building workshops
  • Design talks – fake it until you make become it
  • Team building
  • America style motivation/hype(never get to use that word)
  • membership – specifically for graduates
  • What if it was local professionals that where part of it? e.g. when this event is in Cardiff then professionals based in Cardiff come to the event, or, when in M


  • It could be as simple as a 2 hour session in each uni, but I think that is too simple
  • I like the idea of it being set up in a large hall, like the SU, and being an all day event? because the element of Celebration and creative decorating the place would be great.


  • Branding – Identity
  • Promoting the event
  • Take aways

I’m hopefully going down the right path. See what David has to say about it.


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