Story boards

So I’ve being thinking about the narrative that runs with my event, well the theme at least, which is don’t give up, be thicked skin and be brave.

Stories I’ve created

  1. The work you see in the D&AD annual amazes you – you graduate – you don’t feel prepared for the real world – your interview goes bad – your first client is negative – you reconsider your career path.
  2. You graduate – opening the door to the industry – you become a small fish in a big sea –
  3. You graduate(theme of this) – have seen a job opportunity –  have an awesome idea – when it comes to meeting the client you don’t.
  4. The impact of your idea on society might have an impact like curing cancer(example)

I was think of ways I can do this. Then I thought of the Nike: Take it to the next level advert 2008, which has to be one of my favourite adverts, is done from a first person’s point of view. The video is about a football’s journey from being scouted, though to being in the football world cup final. It highlights hardwork, failure, success, and because of the way it’s filmed you can relate to it.

I also found this one by Google promoting their glass that are probably in prototype stage of development. Not the less, a visuals aesthetic advert.

I can visualise my video being portray in such a may, for example:

  1. Graduating – throwing of our graduate hat
  2. The first job interview – getting ready for it – the interview – then after it
  3. First client – prepare the presentation – clients reaction – feeling afterwards
  4. Reconsider career path – Job centre – grocery store application
  5. Rewind to this event – explains the event
  6. Better client experience – digging your ideas – gives your more work
  7. Better job interview – positive body language – celebrate with friends
  8. Finish with event?!?!

I’ll run it past my tutorials tomorrow, and if I get the all clear then it’s game on. I’ve just found out that there’s a GoPro action camera, which in our Llandaff campus, that I can rent for a week. lets see what happens.

Then theres the HONDA: Keep Up advert that I adore. I love the language and the way it engages you.


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