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I had Ray today, which was a nice change due to having had David for the majority of this project. What I found was good, but also hard, was explain my idea. Hard –  was that I was talking a lot, but not stating exactly what it was that I was doing/hope to achieve. Good – I was able to explain my idea and realise myself what I wanted to achieve.


  • not entirely sure what it is I want to address
  • name?
  • whats happening at this event?
  • what? where? when? how? who?
  • the story? what is the goal and how does it relate to the event?


Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 13.19.13


  • Chose the name
  • brand – promotion material
  • Explain the event in one sentence – break down our big description
  • visualise the storyboard
  • write the script
  • rent a action camera
  • start filming and experimenting with scenes

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