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I think I’ve got the event pretty much figured, so my focus is now on the video, that carries the narrative for the event.

So with the vision in my head I created a storyboard:

FullSizeRender (2)FullSizeRender (3)

The premise of the story: despite it being hard, you should never give up. The scenes go in this order:

  1. Getting results
  2. Graduating
  3. Entering the industry – First interview – doesn’t go well, negativity
  4. First Client – unhappy with the work – encounters denial
  5. Reconsiders careers path – job hunting
  6. Pause – The event
  7. Out of nowhere an email about an interview
  8. Job interview –  goes well
  9. Finishes with the event.

What I made sure of this weekend is that this makes sense, definitely before I spend this coming week filming. I went over the story(my vision) with both with my mother, as I’m home for the weekend, and my good friend Jonathan Earle, got to acknowledge him. In the good hour I discussed the idea, one: I got really passionate about it, and two….they seemed to like it. Another reason I choose to talk to Jon was due to his experience in recording and editing music, so getting his views was very useful and I might even get some samples off him to play in the video.

Game plan?

With the storyboard and scene pretty much figures, it’s time to start filming. I’m renting a GoPro action camera tomorrow from university and will spend that evening experimenting with it. Tuesday is when the magic happens. I’ve asked a couple of my tutors if they could act in the video, as someone for the interviews and the client. I need to get hold of a Graduation cap, and I need to sort out all the support material.

If all goes to plan, god help me, I will have edited the video by Wednesday morning, so I can work with Jon in adding the sounds ready for the submission at 17:00. Me and Jon discussed how the music, despite being one song, could altered when the mood does, for example it could speed up during a happy occasion, but then slow down, or became distorted when a negative scene.

Jon’s in a band called Polaroid Vision(I pretty much made this band happen) and we are consider using the song Olympia for the video. One: it’s simplicity and easy on the ear, two: Jon can make adjustments to the song as it’s his own, three: I won’t have a problem with the copy right, etc… because I’ll have the bands permission.

Something to consider

I realised it was easy to uniform the digital slide that are placed in the video, but what would make you think of D&AD when you saw the video? I was reminded of the Apple ‘Shot on IPhone 6’ ad, where they used a simple white boarder which uniformed every one of their commercials, Brilliantly simple. Could try something similar, maybe using D&AD colours, style or shapes.

What if the video I create had a yellow tint to it? for example

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 15.46.38.png


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