Re-visiting The Big Idea

As I want this to be one of my show pieces I’ve decided to spend a bit of time over easter developing it.


Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 15.58.48

This is what I was left with when I finished the project. I had created a simple website, a number of spreads for the publication, a cover design, app design.

One of the most noted piece of feedback was that that the simplicity of the website and the app, didn’t feel uniformed to the publication, which as the core of the project. For example

A spread from the publication

Tip spread

A page from the online site

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 16.51.04.png

I’ve got to work out whether I work towards the website being more like the publication, or the other way around. The publication is mean’t to be more than just a book, I want it to be interactive, inspiring in it’s design and context, while the website, in proportion, is a lot smaller, say this because If I’m producing the book I needs to be sustainable and the website just need to be simple and user friendly. I think the icons are what need to connect the touch points, which leads me to another criticism….the design of the icons.

Since the project finished in February I did re-visit it once to develop, well experiment, with the cover design for the book.


Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 11.00.10


Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 19.02.02

I felt like the cover wasn’t doing any justice to the book, and I know how important a book cover is in making a successful publication, I also wanted to integrate some flat-design into my work, so I thought I was worth experimenting with. So I thought about what my book mean’t, the meaning of the word and came to the conclusion that serendipity was to do with signs from the universe, which lead my to the idea of an image of earth. What I ideal want to do is bring in some elements associated with design, e.g. pencils, computers, books, etc.. which could circulate the earth. I’ve just been going through google and I got some ideas from these images:


Plan is to experiment with colour, text and imagery. I think I’ll do that tomorrow with some work for SSP.


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