Fever Tree

I have felt very reluctant coming back to this project, for some reason. At the time I enjoyed doing it, but when I think about it, it was a frustrating progress, especially creating in an illustrated way for a first time.


The brief was to produce 4 limited edition 500ml bottle, inspired by 4 countries in one region effected by malaria. I chose South America, and the following 4 countries: Columbia, Brazil, Peru and Ecuador. I chose to base my design’s around the world famous ‘Amazon rainforest’, something the 4 countries had in common.


Looking back at my design’s, I’m not too displeased with them, but I can do a lot more.


  • Sketch a lot more
  • aside from colours, look at what else can separate the countries e.g. animals, landmarks, languages, exports, etc..
  • Style of illustration, so I need to research illustrators. Want to make my designs more vibrant and exotic.
  • Finishing, for example, matt glass, glossy, etc…

I intend to spend this whole week doing this developing this project. Depending on progress, this could be a portfolio or even show piece, we’ll see.


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