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I can’t say it’s been a productive day so far, certainly as it goes for getting uni work done, guess I’m still in the holiday mood and being at home doesn’t help. I received feedback for SSP today, which is well overdue, and well…..much needed. By picking the brief I understood it would be difficult, and well that what I wanted, but It certainly was a challenge. I admit I struggle to find a fitting solution for the brief over the 5 week period, and it has been frustrating, but when I did get something during the last week, I know, there just wasn’t enough time to do anything substantial.

Feedback breakdown

Much of this project is focussed on the style of the announcements – you have used D+AD styling (appropriately) throughout … but there is no sense of content in place.

I agree completely! I was so focussed on getting the idea right, as the idea is king, so much that I wasn’t considering the content and well…arrogant of it. D&AD just wanted a solution to ‘implementing bravery in the creative industry’ and a 2min video explain the idea, so when it came to my idea, thats all it was for me, but I can see why I got marked down for it in uni.

You have chosen a difficult project to work on (which is good) but have not really got to the important stuff.

I think I need to address the WHO, WHAT, WHY, WHERE and WHEN of my idea.

What sort of things happen in the workshops that will affect the behaviour/confidence of the participator?

I need to elaborate on the events. I have an idea of how I can present this. sketches soon..

The video story doesn’t touch on bravery at any point (or have we missed something?) The movie was a very much last stage job and I think you have underestimated the work that needs to go into such an enterprise – certainly into the scripting.

The video was only done as a compulsory thing for the D&AD submission, but the feedback is right, I did underestimate what goes into producing a video, but I also thoroughly enjoyed it, the story board + direction and editing.

Bravery within the visual arts – or for any job really – is about relishing (and eventually) overcoming difficulties … your communication lacked that element.

I need to make that obvious, especially about the events. I can’t see me changing the event, but the structure and content of it, more towards bravery, than confidence, which is what it’s currently aimed at.

Advice: It might be a good idea to augment existing printed graphics (or web content) with simple explanations of key workshops to indicate how they will build into a motivational programme.

I agree and will use Cannes Lions, International Festival of Creativity, as a case study.

I don’t think it is wise to spend more time on the movie, but to see how you can put the extra elements into the printed pack. (You might make a short story board however).

I agree, as it was party of the D&AD submission that has passed, but depending on progress with this project and the others, I may write a storyboard.


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