Viva voce

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1:How did the choices of projects you made, help you plan for the future?

I think I picked projects I wouldn’t typically of chosen to do. Going this university in the second year, I felt like I last year was my first and this my second, so I wanted to experiment and take on projects, maybe I shouldn’t of, to see what I’d prefer. Overall this final year I’ve tried:

Real world: product design(wood lazer cut) and sustainable design

Penguin: book-cover design and illustration

Competition Fever-Tree: illustration and product packaging

The Big Idea: Publication and print

SSP – Fortune Favours The Brave: branding, publication, video and comic

Then I came to the conclusion that despite trying all of this, that I wasn’t interested in any specific one, but rather all of them. When I spoke to Neil a while ago I used the term graphic designer to describe what we do, when he replied that where creatives rather than graphic designers. That got me thinking, I don’t want to limit myself to graphic design, despite being a broad field, I think what I’ve learn’t from all the projects is this. So for the future, I would think about being a flextible designer, which might involve learning more skills, but that might be something I work on over summer.

2:Which piece of work or project best represents your ambition? Why?

I guess the first questions answers this question, although, Real World in particular change the way I thought about design. It was the structor of the project, working to deadlines, managing a team, working for, well rather with a client, and producing a fitting design solution. That made it real and well relevant to how I’d see myself working in a creative group towards flexible

3:Which is the most memorable, interesting idea in your work?

I’d have to say the publication ‘Serendipity: A Designers Guide’ I produced for The Big Idea. Why?  Well to start with I chose the word serendipity because I had never heard of before, and didn’t want to do it on a word I had pre-conception on, also thought it may be interesting. From not know about this word, and the research I did, I was able to tie it to design. With the purpose of my outcome to influence other creative like myself, I think that why I would call this my most interesting idea.

4:Which is your most appropriate solution to a communication problem?

That difficult because every project had different levels of creative solutions, for example the YCN: Fever-Tree brief’s proposed was to create a bottle wrap where “The designs must be beautiful and sophisticated in style (not childish in any way) to achieve stand out and to connect with our premium target audience“, while the penguin brief was to design a contemporary and original book cover. The D&AD brief required a creative solution and The Big Idea, was communicating a word. I know these questions are designed so we consider what we’ve done over the last 8months

5:Give an example of work formed or influenced by your research, by your dissertation topic, and/or contemporary culture.

My dissertation topic, how design can influence Global Warming, was inspired after doing ‘Agents Of Change’ as a field module last year, but continued and continued became a real foucs when we did the Real World which was also manage by Wendy with the core focus of sustainable design. I’ve alway kept in mind sustainability when  approaching a project, although, I’ve learned that put sustainability into practice is very difficult and an impossible task, referring to what David Bermans says in his book ‘Do good design’, there is no such things as a completely sustainable material, and how he talks about it being difficulty  designing with sustainability in mind, but it’s relevance in our current situation.




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