Richard Bravery

I always find something relevant to my practice in my favourite Art and Culture Magazine Juxtapoz.

Today it was May’s issue which featured Chris Ware(whom produced the font cover piece and had a very interesting article)


Aside from an insightful look into the life of award-winning cartoonist Chris Ware, I found a great interview with Richard Bravery.


This is his twitter picture(only one I can find of him)

His twitter statement simply says “I design books for Penguin Books” and thats the relevance. before Christmas we had our Pinguin Book cover project for the following books “Carrie’s War” “Freakonomics” “Oranges are not the only fruit” so this interview is idea. When asked “What makes a good book cover design?” he answers “I subscribe to “less is more.” A cover ois a small space to try to communicate a big message, and there’s always the danger of suffocating a cover with too many ideas. Paul Rand was a master of the understatement; his designs were dynamic, bold and conceptual, but always beautifully simple.” I will be taking that very valuable information on board when improving my book cover designs.

These are some of Richard Bravery’s book cover designs

Essentials_GreatGatsby  Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 14.36.54

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 14.34.01