History of Typography

A great paper letter animation of The History of Typography created by Ben Barrett-Forrest

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 21.48.58

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 21.50.16

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 21.53.15

Ben Barrett-Forrest is a designer and animator from Whitehorse, Yukon. He is also part of Forrestmedia.

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‘We are a graphic design and media production company based in Whitehorse, Yukon, and Hamilton, Ontario. Wherever you are in the world, we would love to provide you with Great Graphic Design.’ 

Consdiently they made The Design Deck which I recently invested in, that is both a pack of playing cards and a manual for graphic designer’s.

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Dyslexia font?

A font that’s easier to read for people with dyslexia? A few weeks ago I discovered a font that was eco friendly(Ryman Eco) now a font that make it easier for people with dyslexia to read? being dyslexic myself I was intrigued by this and had to check it out. Creator of this font is Christian Boer, ages 33, a Dutch graphic designer who himself is dyslexic.

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 20.53.00

The typeface is called “Dyslexie,” and Boer first developed it as a final thesis project when he was a student at the Utrecht Art Academy in the Netherlands. The font makes reading easier for people with dyslexia by varying the letter shapes more, making it harder to confuse similarly shaped letters like “b” and “d,” for example.

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 20.59.52

The font has been proven to get positive results, including a reduction in flipping and mirroring of letters and increased ease in reading for dyslexics. Independent studies at the University of Twente and Amsterdam found that nearly three-quarters of the students surveryed reported making fewer reading mistakes when taking a test written in the font, according to “Dyslexie’s” 2012 research.

They used it on the website and I honestly found it a lot easier to read.

you can download the font here – http://www.dyslexiefont.com/ I think I will be investing in it.

Photoshop Tutorials

I found this on Creative blog “How to make an animated banner” using Adobe Photoshop. Thought it was about time I learn’t a few new tricks on photoshop and going back to creating my first animation on Wideo it good to see that I could do it on PS without paying on online or learning a new software.

So I followed the 10 steps – http://www.creativebloq.com/photoshop/create-animated-banner-ad-31514568


Mind the context as I did this very quickly, Although i find it quite funny.



Andy Murray’s brand identity Created by Martin Grimer executive creative director of London’s Aesop agency.

At first I was unsure of this. as a follower of Andy Murray I didn’t think that this fitted his personality.


above is Roger Federer’s brand Identity which fits his Finesse and class. While Tiger Wood’s identity below is strong and bold very much like himself on the golf course.


I read an article then in the Metro covering Murray’s Identity, when explained then it’s a lot more than it seems and is very clever how its been constructed. Murray’s new management company are named 77 due to Andy winning Wimbledon on the seventh day of the seventh month and it was 77 years since a British man last won the title. So looking at it after reading this information I admit its a a brilliant bit of design and combining Andy’s initials with 77 is genius.

I think its well worth reading the metro between traveling to uni.

You find inspiration everywhere.


Business cards that are…SQUARE??? love it.


moo square business cards

moo square business cards

really like this new design of business cards, plus Moo designs looks like a really good website to gather inspiration.

How to identify a Brand

A Brand identity can be made up of 4 things


  • Whatever can be typed simply using a typeface.
  • Companies such as Sony, Gillette and Nintendo have a signature


  • Is whenever text in any way has been manipulated
  • Custom made type
  • Companies such as Disney, Fed Ex and Visa have a word-mark


  • initials of the Company
  • Companies such as Victoria and Albert museum, EA sports and LG mobiles have a monogram


  • Can be an abstract symbol/motif
  • Companies such as Mitsubishi, Apple and Pepsi use a Logo

A company can use more than just one of these in its branding and ofter combining them e.g. Their signature with the logo sat just next to it.

Branding Inspiration

I had to buy this beautiful and inspiring magazine by Computer Arts that covers over 130 pages of Branding excellence of 2014. Aspire to be in this magazine one day.