The Finally of Agents of Change

I have experienced two different emotions during the Agents of Change field project. The first being Frustration, these past five weeks have been a lot to take in and its been a personal struggle in understand what it has all been about. The project has overwhelmed and challenged the way I think about social change and the environmental issues we are currently faced with. The second emotion was Fascination, I have found the Agents of Change to be extremely interesting, It has opened my mind to the bigger picture and I think it has been more beneficial than I ever could of imagined. My Idea changed throughout the duration of the project in an attempt to grasp what sustainable design was and how to apply it to my practice. Initially I worked in a group of five people with our idea to improve an element of the campsite, we proposed up-cycling used wooden pallets to create a communal area for the campers. The result would hopefully encourage those staying at Eco Camping Wales to socialise and share their environmental experiences. However I wasn’t satisfied with just this idea and wanted to challenge my own understanding on sustainable design. My Idea was a welcome/activity pack that once opened out, created a net that when put together formed a birdhouse. The reason for this was that it would be an interactive piece that could decorated by the campers, but also giving back something to the planet as they could take the bird house back home with them to place into a environment of they’re choice. I liked the idea of the pack containing seeds so that the camper can plant them around the site, as well as some activities like snap (the cards game) for the children with natural symbols. This Idea wasn’t polished but I like to think It captured the essence of what the project was all about. The welcome/activity and birdhouse idea was received well by Jeremy and Caroline. Jeremy suggested that they (the customer) after decorating the bird box took it home with them instead of placing it on the campsite. I liked this, as it would be a constant reminder of they experienced at Eco Camping Wales. They also like the seed idea, Caroline especially like the hands on approach of finding and collecting these seeds (on site) and planting them around the campsite. Not only can the campers leave something of they’re own behind but this will add to the campsite and potential transforming the look and feel overtime. The other idea, which was the up-cycled pallet communal area, was also received well with Jeremy and Caroline. Agents of Change have change my perception on society, the environmental issues we face and brought to my attention the duty and responsibility that we have to change it all.

I sincerely thank you Neil and Wendy for guiding us though this project and I want to inform you that I have decided to base my Dissertation on “Sustainable Design and Advertising” purely because of what I have learnt from this project. I hope that I can further work with both of you with my Dissertation as it would be a great help.


Final Development

May of understood what sustainable mean’t a few weeks back but I hadn’t been able to create sustainable design until now. A day before we have the final presentation with the clients and a day before we finish the Field project but I think I’ve nailed it with what I am about to propose.

I was adamant the card idea was a solution to helping educate on the issue as well as enhancing the stayers experience. Every time that I suggested this to Neil he would always try and move me away from the cards and towards a more sustainable approach.

I have been scratching my head in frustration this final week of the project because I know the cards weren’t the solution but I couldn’t think of how a could create sustainable design. Today I decided to discuss this with my partner. Starting off with simple solutions,expanding and then applying creativity to them in an attempt to solve the issue. The first thing I had was the idea of collecting and planting seeds. I like this because it mean’t the would have to explore to find the seeds(from tree’s, plants,etc..) learning about them in the process, then planting them(adding to the land) and leaving a piece of them behind.

After I thought of that I realised that a welcome/activity pack could work. A welcome pack was something we talked about early into the project but was forgotten. I looked at the design of Graze for the design of the pack – Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 17.58.55 Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 17.59.12

really like the simplicity of the box and how easy it would be to create. I pictured the Eco Camping Wales logo(the guys in my group created) would rest on the top of the box with “Welcome pack” written below it. I then asked myself….what would happen to the box after everything is taken out of it? Straight away both me and my partner thought..what if the box could be made into something? A bird box? seemed do-able and sustainable. why not have crayons or other colouring utensils in the welcome pack so the people building the bird box can personalise them before placing them somewhere on the site.

An area of the campsite that makes it desirable is the star gazing area. do children appreciate the stars? I do think I did as a child but I very much do now. I think creating a simple dot 2 dot of the stars would get them to look at them. can cover a few constellations and even get them finding images in the stars.

going to create some mockups of my idea now. getting hands on and seeing if this is going to work.

Card game development

Yesterday I explained the idea of the educational and interactive card game. With the game nailed, I now have a number of things to look into.

  • The multiple choice questions?
  • The Stickers
  • Collectable Items? whether good or bad for the environment. Whether they will be planted before the game starts or just natural things that are found.
  • Number of cards in total? depending on items.
  • Card style/colours?

Also when discussing the card game with my partner, another idea came to mind. What if you could play a multiple of games using the same set of cards? lets say that this set of snap has 4 of the same item and 6 items all together, which would be 24 cards in total. my idea is if on the back of these cards they’re numbered 1 to 24 and then an alternative game to the snap could be Higher or Lower?  The cards should be aimed at families and could be advertised on the website as being maybe free for a family staying or maybe £1 extra? Maybe given in a welcome pack for families?

i decided to trial this multiple use of the cards with my partner, which led to further developments of the game concept for the higher or lower. An added rule: If you are wrong in picking the correct higher or lower choice, the card that was revealed last is to be flipped revealing a picture of the item (from the snap) that they must then go and find in a set amount of time or they are out of the game.

Card concept

Sunday 15th February. 4 days of Field left.

After doing a spot of research on Children’s card games(Snap in particular), I was still none the wiser and still struggling on how to make this game educational and sustainable. I then thought it would be worthwhile in discussing the card idea with my partner. This worked out great, we talked about the desirability, target audience and do-ability of the concept. When I talked to Neil about the idea of the card game he kept suggesting that it should be a game that isn’t based on cards but instead using the materials of the land. I found this extremely difficult to do. I thought then of collaborating the playing cards and Neils’ idea of using ‘materials of the land.’

The idea of this game would be around the lines of snap but with alot more interaction. using symbols of materials that are to be found on the campsite as well as materials one might bring camping. the game would start off like snap with the participants putting down cards ready to call “SNAP” when 2 of the same symbol are matched. each symbol will then have a multiple choice question where the winner has to answer correctly in order to gain a short advantage(depending on the card. possibly from 2 seconds to 5 seconds) ahead of the other player(s). They would then proceed to run off(not too far) to find and retrieve the material which the winner(first to retrieve) will keep. The person that has the most items at the end of the game is crowned the winner(maybe SCAVENGER KING?). The game could come with stickers that the winner or participates could wear or use to promote Eco living.

Really happy with how this is turning out.

One week left

Thursday 12th February

Our last deep tutorial with Neil. It might of been difficult sometimes to take in what he was saying but I found it extremely interesting and one day I hope to be able to incorporate everything he talks into the way I work as a Design.

Today –  He touched app-on 6 points

  • 1 – What is the desirable thing about our proposal?

The communal area, sitting around feeling the fire and watching it, sharing stores, experience the outdoors and leaving technology behind.

  • 2 – A – What is our idea’s objective?

To create almost a community amongst the people staying at the campsite. a place they can experience the outdoors that is suitable, that functions and is sustainable. something that adds to the environment and that fits.

  • B – What are the clients ideas?

To transform their business. helping aware the if we keep up the way we are currently living that the world won’t be around for long.

  • C – What are they expecting?

Strategies? using us to solve their problem?

  • 3 – Good influence?

not sure I wrote that right(Brain is pretty fried at this point).

  • 4 – How are going to educate them?

From what I have learn’t from Neil my answer who be…By involving them, making them aware that it’s their responsibility and that they can make a difference .

  • 5 – Environment of Change – How do they know this?

By creating a Branding for the campsite? not a logo or brochure but branding the look, feel and ora of the site. creating the experience. making it contrast from where they have come from.

  • 6 – What are you placing into the environment?

An area that sits in the heart of the campsite using sustainable materials and unwanted materials from companies that want to throw it away. materials that can be re-used for building things or firewood.


We discussed in our group that Snap would be an simple choice of card game.

here are some I have found online –

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 15.24.01

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 15.24.23

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 15.24.42

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 15.25.08

these are just a few example of Snap that I found online. these are some of the things I recognised

  • Could have pictures
  • Could have number
  • Could have both pictures and numbers
  • Could have multiples of the pictures
  • Could have the word of the number
  • Could have a colour suit for the pairs

The “Could have” is a bit of a repetitive eye sore..none the less I won’t change it even if I Could have..aha

originally when I thought of this idea I intended the cards to contain information to educate the users of Eco ways but after speaking to Neil about sustainability I stepped away from the idea. After doing the role-play of us sat around the fire in the Communal area we are designing, the cards came back into focus.

things I have thought about to creating them –

  • Materials? wood(sustainable but not sure of Do-ability) paper/card(easier to design for)
  • Purpose – to educate or to entertain during their stay? maybe both
  • Quantity
  • Style? colour? branding?
  • Imagery

These are just a handful of things I need to think about.

developing concepts and prototyping

So after our Role-play and Paper prototype session with Wendy we sat down in our groups and discussed what we needed to do. knowing full well we only had 3 more sessions left and that we where presenting our final concept to the clients next thursday we assigned tasks between us.

  • Playing card design
  • Prototypes of both digital and physical of the communal area
  • site map
  • advertising and selling the concept
  • interactive board for people to leave their mark/message

Due to the playing cards being my idea I was assigned with designing them for the client to see.