Life > me


Whether or not this is the case, I feel as if life has got one over already since graduating in July. Yes I’m living in Cardiff as intend instead of going back home, and yes I’ve secured a 40 hours a week job that is sort of relevant to my degree working at a corporate print company as a graphic design, but I’m currently in a state of panic and feel lost because I don’t know where I’m going in life. Part of me is saying “you’re fine, you’re living in the capital city, you have a job and your friends all live around Cardiff” but the other voice in my head is saying “I’m doing a job I don’t enjoy, a job I’m frankly not very good at because of my learning disability, where I spend 40hrs a week sat at a computer and worst of all the work I’m producing is against everything I believe in!” so what do I do?

I used this blog a hell of a lot in uni to reflect on projects because my head was always so busy with thought, so I think writing this post to reflect on my current position in life will help, because in my head I am panicking a little a little

Starting from now, yes right now, I’m going to work out what the hell I’m going to do with my life!

Peace out ✌️



The tutorial with Ian gave me the opportunity to talk about my idea, it lead to me becoming quite passionate about it, but also weary of the time-scale. He agree the idea would work better if it was interactive, thinking it may be tossed aside if it was just a leaflet or plain book.

We discussed it possibly being an app or website a swell. I liked the idea of the App/website changing everyday, keeping it minimal, maybe its just a single page with a new challenge, tip, story everyday?

Action to take this week

  • To organise the information I’ve collected, for the content of the book.
  • Start mocking up – playing with paper and card.
  • Research books, might be worth going into town and checking out a book shop.
  • Design and illustrative style of the book? pages?

Having travelled back to Cardiff, then straight to uni and back home, its safe to say starting this tomorrow, fresh, is going to be a healthier option. Excited tho!