Laser printing

Laser printing mock-ups for our after presentation space

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 00.42.32 Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 00.42.18

After creating the outline of our Legacy tree Steve the technician helped us cut them out using thin plywood.


Final Push

28th October day before final presentation

Today it was absolutely essential that we spend the whole day in Uni preparing for the presentation. I was worried at first about how much energy we all had left as this has been a strenuous and long project, but the team really rose to the challenge and it’s probably the best we’ve work. We achieved so much today and it was great to see everything we’d worked on for 5 weeks come together.

  • We went to the FabLab and spoke to a technician about materials and costings.
  • Produced Mock-ups using the laser cutters.
  • Phoned Zenith Media to get quotes on printing(had to phone them again after not hearing back from them after I phoned them last Thursday).
  • Contacted Avon Steel about laser printing metal badges.
  • Set out our space.
  • Created files ready for print studio tomorrow.
  • Created the majority of our presentation.

We’ve still got plenty to do before tomorrows presentation but I firmly believe we will get it done and deliver a strong compelling pitch.

Presentation structure

The Presentation

We discussed and agreed that the presentation would go in this order

– Welcome to the Awards x2 Slides introducing ourselves & our message

– walk through entering the awards and the legacy tree x2 Slides

–  Photo frame. First Slide – back drop and photo is taken of us by someone on the front row. Second Slide – our picture appears. Third Slide – Demonstrating is going on social networks e.g. Twitter or Facebook.

– Recognition Cards, We announce them like they would on the night of the awards, placing them on all the seats on the front row x2 Slides First Slide – being the cards Second Slide – Showing an example of a company receiving an emails congratulating them on being nominated by someone at the awards. could even become a new category in the awards.

– Badges x2 Slides First Slide – The idea behind the badges, designs and journey. Digital badges x4 Slides First Slide – The design, Next three slides – Use of the digital badges in context – shown on a website – linked to Cynnal Cymru Awards stories.

– Thank you – Invite Lynsey back to our space.

Presentation Prep

Final Tutorial with Wendy

In our tutorial with Wendy we went discussed how we’d give our final presentation. She started by talking about the journey of the idea where we told here about creating storyboards for them. We went through our ideas in the context to when they’d be used in the Awards e.g. the legacy tree will be used in the at the start of the night as a registration for the guests, while the frame will be used throughout the night but the idea doesn’t stop there because the pictures will go to social networks. Not sure how we came to talking about this, but we started talking about possibly dressing up for the presentation, we also talked about presenting our physical prototypes and other materials on a table that’d been dressed like an awards ceremony. This also made me think about making the presentation more interactive with the audience e.g. to show how the frame works we could hold it and get someone on the front row to take a picture of us, this picture could of been taken before, we go on from there demonstrating the journey of that idea. One of the ideas we we’re to sure about is the Recognition cards, not the idea but when it happens during the event. There is the possibility of them being handed out at the door before people leave and they can then place them in a box which will be under the tree? or they could be placed on the seats and a box could come around?

List of our ideas

– Legacy tree

– #SustainWalesAwards or #GwobauCynnalCymru Frame – social network – Twitter/Facebook/CynnalCymru

– Recognition cards

– Badges

– Digital badges

Plan for this week

  • Organise the presentation
  • Get the costings estimates for the badges/frame/tree from the FabLab and cards from Zenith Media.
  • Sort out mock-ups
  • set up our table
  • meet our mentor

Let this stressful week come at us!

Concluding week/milestone 4

Friday team meeting 

Today we arrange to in Uni to sort out a few things and with project finishing in a week today its vital that we nail things now! Been guilty of leaving things to last minute but I don’t want this to happen to our group. The plan was to go to the FabLab to get some quotes and info on materials so that we could fill in the Budgeting plan.

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 15.40.03 Budget plan

Unfortunately the FabLab was shut today, But we managed to get some information off reception and a contact to email over the weekend. Still, we had a go at filling the budget plan. It has been really interesting learning this week/project how much we’re likely to earn as professional designers. Wendy told us we could be on £500-600 a day and after scanning the web for more info it turns out that on average a designer earns between £20-30 an hour. Happy with that and like Matt said yesterday about us under estimating our skills and ability.

After doing the budget plan we talked about creating story boards for our ideas that we can also could present in the final presentation Friday. Between us we shared the work load out and finished at the for the day. we also need to get quotes from print companies for the recognition cards.

Group meeting

With myself having to leave almost straight after our tutorial with Wendy Yesterday and today with Chris unable to make it in and Isabela having to leave early for an appointment, We managed to get everyone together in the evening to discuss the designs of our concepts and to attempt the sustainable plan. Tomorrow we’ve arrange to meet in uni so that we can check out the Fab-Lab and make our ideas real.

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 21.17.23


FabLab Cardiff is a workshop equipped with the latest in digital manufacturing technology that can be used by designers, artists and the public, as well as companies and other organisations. Accredited by the global Fab Network users can take advantage of the Cardiff School of Art and Design’s research and expertise to make just about anything.

Charges are made for the time spent on the equipment and materials used. Equipment rates vary from £2 per hour for 3D printing to £10 for fifteen minutes of CNC milling.

We intend to us the services and materials of the FabLab to create the Badges and possibly the tree.

Also tomorrow we are going to phone Zenith Media Cardiff, a green printing company we discovered on Lovely as a tree, a call to get some estimates on the recognition card we need printed.

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 21.21.20

Zenith Media

Zenith Media is a traditional lithographic printers based in Pontypool in Wales. We have over 20 years of experience in producing a wide range of printed materials. Our 100-strong team are dedicated to providing you with the highest standards of print and customer service from the estimation of your job through to the delivery to your door.

In addition to using certified sustainable materials they also use solely vegetable based inks. These inks are completely non hazardous and therefore far kinder to the environment.

Yayoi Kusama ‘Obliteration Room’

When discussing with the Lynsey the concept of the legacy board and how it could be a physic sculpture that we will encourage the participants of the awards to interact with, she talked to us about a project that was based around children being given coloured stickers to stick anywhere in this room. When the project start the room was white, everything in the room was white –

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 13.00.34

She encourages children to place the stickers wherever in the room they chose –

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 13.00.45

The finished room –

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 13.17.22

There is more information here on Yayoi Kusama ‘Obliteration Room

She told us about there not only because of the interaction and engagement it creates, but the it was managed.