Donald who?

Wednesday is my least favourite day of the week but todays outcome is only a 1 reason why, but we wont go there, not today at least.

I could easily be distract like a large percentage of the population and have a little rant about Donald Trump, sorry, President Donald Trump, but I’m not, I’m going to focus on my own problems.

This post is dedicated to my first professional job since graduating in July. I work at a corporate print factory in Pontyclyn, which is on the outskirt of Cardiff, as a graphic design in-house. Thats doesn’t sound too bad right….false, the company I work for has a contract with Just Eat and produces the menu’s for all the takeaway restaurants in the UK that uses Just Eat. Despite this the job has it’s pros, I’m just not sure they outweigh the cons.


  • I’m a graphic designer, of sorts 😂
  • I’ve gone straight from university into a job 💪
  • It’s not only a graphic design job but being in a print factory I’m learning a lot about that too.
  • I’m on 40hw and my probation period ends in two months so more £££.
  • I use Adobe photoshops/indesign/illustrator every day.
  • The experience looks good on my CV.


  • I design take away menu’s…enough said?
  • 90% of the time I’m not designing menus but amending old one, so changing items, prices, pictures…so not very creative.
  • Some of the time I have to use this program called Quark 😡  which is an alternative to Indesign, a shit alternative.
  • I work for a corporate company and I don’t particularly like what they do.
  • I get paid my cheque…..yes it matters
  • I don’t feel as creative or confident as I did when I left uni
  • I’m unhappy and comfortable

It’s fair to say I’m in a pickle! I want to quit because I am unhappy but I feel like I need to grind it out at least until my probation period. I think if I do see it out for a few more month I should get the most out of it, learn everything I can and more, but I feel motivated in any way.

The question is…what would I alternatively do? go back to working in Tesco? as if 8 years wasn’t enough! Go home and move back in with my parents? Would that be giving up? I guess that is what I’m trying to work out!



Life > me


Whether or not this is the case, I feel as if life has got one over already since graduating in July. Yes I’m living in Cardiff as intend instead of going back home, and yes I’ve secured a 40 hours a week job that is sort of relevant to my degree working at a corporate print company as a graphic design, but I’m currently in a state of panic and feel lost because I don’t know where I’m going in life. Part of me is saying “you’re fine, you’re living in the capital city, you have a job and your friends all live around Cardiff” but the other voice in my head is saying “I’m doing a job I don’t enjoy, a job I’m frankly not very good at because of my learning disability, where I spend 40hrs a week sat at a computer and worst of all the work I’m producing is against everything I believe in!” so what do I do?

I used this blog a hell of a lot in uni to reflect on projects because my head was always so busy with thought, so I think writing this post to reflect on my current position in life will help, because in my head I am panicking a little a little

Starting from now, yes right now, I’m going to work out what the hell I’m going to do with my life!

Peace out ✌️

Tutorial with Wendy

I wanted to have a tutorial with Wendy, not only discuss the Penguin brief but to ask for advice about our client wanting to follow up with our ideas, and how we go about it.

Penguin Books

Only being the second day of a two week brief I want to know what I should be doing. I had the urge to start designing already, but I knew I needed research and be more aware of the themes in the book. Wendy suggest some techniques I could try, some she had shared with us during Real World project, that would make me think outside the box and get me away from the obvious solutions. One thing she told me to try was, using a topic or theme, describe it? Then describe it how it makes you feel? she also encouraged me, when doing this, to create more visuals rather than writing. When I’d done maybe three or four, of these topics and themes, I should then look for how they can connect.

Wendy recommend this resource –

Real World

Lynsey was interested in us producing the badges and wanted estimates for, 200 and 300 of the wooden, possibly 50 to 100 metal Badges and she proposed that she would be interested if we could create one special badge for a secret award.

Wendy suggested we look at charging £20 per person an hour, get the cost of materials like the plywood + glue + badge backs, and work out roughly how long it’ll take to complete the task ahead.

Which as a group we did and we come up with these figures.

200 x badges will cost £400

300 x badges will cost £500

again these are just estimates. personally I believe it will be less than this, but from a clients point of view its better to hear that it cheap than expected rather than more costly. Just waiting on a response from Lynsey before we do anything else.

Presentation and Real World Conclusion

Thursday 29/10/15 Final client Presentation


The presentation wasn’t until 14:00 so we used the time before this to get our mock-ups complete, space sorted and presentation sl. For the presentation we decided, as we where the awards group, to dress up. So me and Chris wore a white shirt and bow tie while Isabela wore a dress. We also decorated our space with red felt and bought refreshment (drinks and biscuits). Unfortunately both Zenith Media and Avon Steel never got back to me with estimates for the printing of the Recognition Cards and the Laser cut metal badges. After some difficulty we managed to laser cut out a small version of the frame using ply wood and we also managed to laser cut out some examples of the the wooden badges. After we finished decorating our space we ran through our presentation.

The presentation –file:///Users/student/Downloads/Final-Presentation-CC-Awards.pdf

There where roughly 30 people, between our fellow student and the client, at the presentation. Our group was fifth in the order out of the six groups which wasn’t too bad. Mid presentation the fire alarm went off and we had to evacuate outside, but things continued a few minutes later. Our presentation went alright. I can’t help but lose my words and get extremely nervous when stood in front of a load of people, this is something I know I will have to get over if I’m to be successful designer. After the pitch we invited the Client (Lynsey Jackson), and anyone interested in knowing more about our design work, over to our table.

12188320_10153038954896895_126152813_n12182032_10153038954901895_1926351578_n  12188797_10153038954911895_1885639756_n 12188797_10153038954921895_693837990_n 12200705_10153038954941895_613748874_n

This I thought went much better, well from my perspective, as I felt really convident talking to the individual clients about our concepts and the design strategy. It was also great to see Neil Angove supporting us at the presentation. I had a good conversation with him about our project, as I told him about the sustainable side of our concepts, and I also talked to him about my dissertation. Rhodri Thomas, Training Manager for Cynnal Cymru, who was leading the project told our group that he’d like us to present again in front of (for the love of me I can’t remember) and singled out our presentation and one of the ones he enjoyed, especially the extra effort we went to.

Real World Conclussion

After a long summer I was a little disappointed that we weren’t eased back into uni work with a simpler, shorter and more creative project. Despite this it did become enjoyable. Working & Managing the team and learning about the real world where the two things that stood out to me about the project . Working/Managing the team become hard at points, especially when we had an issue with one of the members, but after that was resolved I thought the group was excellent. I think out of all the groups the three of us connected the best and we become really good friends through out the process. We worked really well with our mentor Katie, who unfortunately wasn’t able to make our presentation, and both Wendy and Matt where tremendous help over the course of the project. Overall it felt more like a business project, but I guess that’s was the real world will be like. I came to the conclusion when we could saw the other groups work that we hadn’t created much graphic material. I think we we’re creative with our concepts/ideas and thought that our solutions to the brief didn’t need to be too graphical. I am happy with what the group produced and I hope Lynsey with Cynnal Cymru Awards decides to take our ideas forward. Both Wendy and Matt where great tutorials and it has been an eye opening project, In that I mean how we learned to work with and handle a real client, plus we learned a lot about our field. It was a lot to take in for the first five week of this year, but now I’m ready for anything.

What is the one piece of advice you would pass on the students doing REAL WORLD next year?

I would tell them to be professional when dealing with your client, group and when writing your blog. Also this is the probably going to be the most relevant project you’ll do before actually finding yourself in the real world, so pay god damn attention.

Final Push

28th October day before final presentation

Today it was absolutely essential that we spend the whole day in Uni preparing for the presentation. I was worried at first about how much energy we all had left as this has been a strenuous and long project, but the team really rose to the challenge and it’s probably the best we’ve work. We achieved so much today and it was great to see everything we’d worked on for 5 weeks come together.

  • We went to the FabLab and spoke to a technician about materials and costings.
  • Produced Mock-ups using the laser cutters.
  • Phoned Zenith Media to get quotes on printing(had to phone them again after not hearing back from them after I phoned them last Thursday).
  • Contacted Avon Steel about laser printing metal badges.
  • Set out our space.
  • Created files ready for print studio tomorrow.
  • Created the majority of our presentation.

We’ve still got plenty to do before tomorrows presentation but I firmly believe we will get it done and deliver a strong compelling pitch.

The References from Lynsey

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 19.29.00


Vegware is a manufacturer and visionary brand, and the only completely compostable packaging company operating globally. An award winning catering disposables are low carbon, made from renewable or recycled materials, and all can be recycled along with food waste.

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 19.30.52

Down to earth project

Down to Earth Project is an award winning not-for-profit education organisation specialising in working with ‘hard to reach’ and ‘disadvantaged’ groups through the outdoors… with personal development at the very centre, we support individuals and groups through practical, hands-on sustainability…

mushroom packaging

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 19.35.01

Ecovative design

Ecovative’s core mission is to envision, develop, produce, and market Earth friendly materials, which, unlike conventional synthetics, can have a positive impact on our planet’s ecosystem.

They are committed to working with industry and consumers to rid the world of toxic, unsustainable materials. Ecovative believe in creating products that enable companies and individuals to achieve their sustainability goals, without having to sacrifice on cost or performance.

In an article from The Guardian

What’s noteworthy about Ecovative is that the company is trying to redesign products, not merely to manufacture them more efficiently. “Our product is not just less bad,” Bayer says. “It’s better.” That said, Ecovative’s environmental claims have yet to be independently verified. The company says it looks forward to producing a peer-reviewed life cycle assessment “in the future”.

Great Ted talk by product designer Eben Bayer: Are mushrooms the new plastic. Eben Bayer is co-inventor of MycoBond, an organic (really — it’s based on mycelium, a living, growing organism) adhesive that turns agriwaste into a foam-like material for packaging and insulation.

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 19.44.17

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 19.49.47

Lovely as a tree

Lovely as a Tree aims to enable and inspire graphic designers to make more environmentally friendly choices in their work.

They give you the low down on how your choices of design, paper and print impact upon the environment.

Then list the steps you can take to reduce your design footprint, we take you through the process of choosing a recycled or more sustainably sourced paper, and we show you what to look for when choosing a greener printer.

On they’re website you’ll also find lists of the UK’s most environmentally friendly papers and printers, web links to help make your office green, and case studies to inspire you.

Client concepts presentation

Client concepts presentation

Tomorrow we will be pitching our concepts to our client. It important that everyone in our group get an opportunity to talk so we’ve split the presentation like this

I will start things off Start by introducing our team and client, then explaining what the problem we’re trying to solve is.

Isabela will say our mission statement.

Dana – talk about our target audience.

Chris will explain our strategy and then close out our presentation by inviting our client to join us to discuss our concepts.

it’s only a 5 minute presentation so I’m not overly worried about it. I actually look forward to hear what lynsey has to say to about our concepts since we meet up with her last Friday.