Tutorial with Ray

We talk mainly about The Big Idea, as it’s going to be the core show peice, but we also had a brief chat about my business card design.

Serendipity: A Designers Guide

I had printed out the publication spreads today so I could look at them as a physical object, rather than on-screen, because the printed version obviously will be slightly different. I’m pretty happy with how it’s sized, Text and images, but there is still loads to adjust as this is just a first draft. Ray wasn’t too displeased, and suggested I try to bring more elements of Serendipity, or happenstance as he tends to call it, into the publication, and ‘word association’ was repeated.

I told him about my idea of presenting the book for the show, and the workspace I wanted to create around ‘Design For Chaos’. He was unsure of this and told me I need to focus more on the book, for this reason I’m trying to get a second opinion on it, and will hopefully get a quick tutorial with David before this week ends.

An interesting thing came up when discussing the book with Ray, which was, how he was working on a publication and the pages had no order, as of yet. Thinking about this, what if my publication had no order and it was down to the user. So I was thinking about the book being done in ring binders, so you can take out and move pages, while being a pack that comes in a box that you have to put together yourself. Of course you’d receive some kind of instructions and the box will be suited to the book, plus a nice way to present the project.


  • I’m going to highlight any mistakes I made on the first print, and any alterations I need to make.
  • Research word association and word perception
  • Design the cover and box design
  • Update and develop collage pages
  • Explore ring bindings and boxes, price

I apologies for the lack of pictures, I lost my phone on the weekend….it’s been a hard few days, but I’ll be okay.


Degree Show

I’ve been thinking this week about the projects I want include in the degree show. I’ve decided I’m definitely going to include The Big Idea project, and this is what I’m going to do for it:


I want to display the publication on a desk, not a table, because I want to create an environment around a work-space, as ‘chaos in a work-space’ was something I researched and is an amplitude for helping designers and arts being more serendipitous creatively and innovative.

Chaos in work-space

I would like to invite the show participants to sit in the desk and read the book, or maybe draw something, while being overwhelmed and inspired by random objects, colours, words and even sounds.

What was also quite nice about today, was I got to speak to our lecture Neil Angove, who has been absent from university for all of this year. We discussed the idea behind ‘Serendipity: A Designers Guide’, and how I want to create a workspace environment for the degree show inviting people to interact with the book and space.

The first picture above has a few ideas of the different elements I could bring into the show space:

  • random items: toys, stationary, cd’s, etc..
  • materials: tablecloth, carpet, samples, etc..
  • symbols: languages, words, signs, etc..
  • food & drink: bottles, food packaging, maybe actual food, etc..
  • lights: desk light, fairy lights, etc..
  • playful stuff: play-dough, colouring pencils, etc..
  • photos: art, building, pets, family holidays, etc..
  • music: whale noises(aha), talking, real life environment sounds, etc..
  • smell: candles(if we’re allowed), potpourri, a herb plant, etc..

I don’t want to go overboard with this, but it think it could be a stand thing in the show, providing it’s done well. I may even consider changing the space every day or two to see how it effects other. This is really turning into a experiment, almost a live piece of art…around the concept of the book.

Trip to Zenith Media

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 20.24.33

Where to start…well Firstly, wow! I really didn’t expect anything like that, when I heard it was a print studio I assumed it would be a small operation, how wrong I was. In fact it was to such a large scale that half the pictures I took throughout the tour, I can’t even remember what they where, but I’ll try and explain.

We where given a guided tour around the factory by Alun Phillips, Business Development Manager, where he talked us through the process from start, receiving the digital file, to finish, the finished publication or print. I’m going to talk through the pictures I took


Above: Alun showing us one of the printer plates, which would be a single colour.

Below: Are the result, well for a different page, but the same work for Cardiff Met.



Above: The quantity of paper was ridiculous. Mountains of different type, tones, weights and finishes. Was truly a sight.

Below: This picture puts into perspective how much business goes in and out of Zenith Media, and how quickly it happens.



Above: To be honest I can’t really tell you much about this image, all I can say is they are huge printers and each station here had a different ink.

Below: This massive computer worked out the CMYK ink levels needed for each document.


Above: A close up for the CYMK measuring machine. Alun said that the Yellow was quite high on this document.

Below: Were before printing use to be a flat press process, it’s now done using rollers, which is quicker, Speedmaster XL…..Obviously.


Above: This machine laminates the print.

Below: Was the machine that adds the foil finish.



Above: The results of foil finish

Below: Again the amount of work was immense.


Above: Now we’re looking at digital printing side of the factory. The digital side doesn’t involve creating custom plates, the quality is not as good, and it’s usually for small jobs.

Below: This printer can produce 5 metre long prints, anything from banners, to a collection of prints that form to wrap around a building.


Above: This is a production line were the machine glues the spin of the final publication and then presses it down so it can set.

I thought today was a great experience and I thoroughly enjoy it. It was really interesting learning about all the machinery and the processes, even if it was a lot to take in, but Alun seem to know exactly what he was talking about. I’d happy get some work experience there, because it was such an interest environment, so thats something I’m going to persuade before I graduate.

Also I might approach them about producing my publication or any work for my show.