Tutorial with Ray

We talk mainly about The Big Idea, as it’s going to be the core show peice, but we also had a brief chat about my business card design.

Serendipity: A Designers Guide

I had printed out the publication spreads today so I could look at them as a physical object, rather than on-screen, because the printed version obviously will be slightly different. I’m pretty happy with how it’s sized, Text and images, but there is still loads to adjust as this is just a first draft. Ray wasn’t too displeased, and suggested I try to bring more elements of Serendipity, or happenstance as he tends to call it, into the publication, and ‘word association’ was repeated.

I told him about my idea of presenting the book for the show, and the workspace I wanted to create around ‘Design For Chaos’. He was unsure of this and told me I need to focus more on the book, for this reason I’m trying to get a second opinion on it, and will hopefully get a quick tutorial with David before this week ends.

An interesting thing came up when discussing the book with Ray, which was, how he was working on a publication and the pages had no order, as of yet. Thinking about this, what if my publication had no order and it was down to the user. So I was thinking about the book being done in ring binders, so you can take out and move pages, while being a pack that comes in a box that you have to put together yourself. Of course you’d receive some kind of instructions and the box will be suited to the book, plus a nice way to present the project.


  • I’m going to highlight any mistakes I made on the first print, and any alterations I need to make.
  • Research word association and word perception
  • Design the cover and box design
  • Update and develop collage pages
  • Explore ring bindings and boxes, price

I apologies for the lack of pictures, I lost my phone on the weekend….it’s been a hard few days, but I’ll be okay.



Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 13.18.11

I had Ray today, which was a nice change due to having had David for the majority of this project. What I found was good, but also hard, was explain my idea. Hard –  was that I was talking a lot, but not stating exactly what it was that I was doing/hope to achieve. Good – I was able to explain my idea and realise myself what I wanted to achieve.


  • not entirely sure what it is I want to address
  • name?
  • whats happening at this event?
  • what? where? when? how? who?
  • the story? what is the goal and how does it relate to the event?


Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 13.19.13


  • Chose the name
  • brand – promotion material
  • Explain the event in one sentence – break down our big description
  • visualise the storyboard
  • write the script
  • rent a action camera
  • start filming and experimenting with scenes

Today’s Tutorial

Come to a number of conclusions in todays group tutorial. First, I was starting to drift away from my original goal, which was to promote bravery amongst the newly graduates entering the creative industry. Secondly, I was not being brave myself, and with my designs, okay, I had put a holt on the branding of my event so I could plan it better, but I under what I need to do. Three, I need to use narrative and positive language to convey/back-up my ideas e.g. reassurance, encouragement, positivity. David made the point that it’s getting the shy/unconfident individuals to go to such an event, what if the event came to them? Hannah’s creative outcome gave me an idea, where her’s is, is an educational buses that visits schools, what if my idea was that this design event came to university all over Britain? Something to think about.


It was refreshing and useful to talk to David about the new direction I had decided to take with the project, party due to not being sure whether or not it was a sound idea, so approval to continue was motivation in it’s self.  We discussed two aspects of the project, the branding and the workings of festival/party.

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 10.53.26.png

Tutorial feedback/discussion 

  • We wasn’t too sure of the name ‘Bravery’ saying it was too obvious. I responded by saying I’d rather focus on getting the game and branding done quickly, instead of over thinking it, and instead spending a larger amount of time planning the workings of the event(better than festival/party), David agreed. He suggest changing the design of the logo because he saw it as Bra…..very, although everyone I showed before that never noticed that. I have altered the colours of the logo so instead of black to red, it goes white to red. One thing I didn’t want to lose was the mark I had created with the AV, because I saw it as something I could use over all the stationary.

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 12.35.42

  • I think about the space and layout of the event. He suggested, because I said somewhere like the Cardiff Depot, that I go there a take pictures –

–       which I think is an ideal space to have this event, it’s different, raw, playful and                      could spark all sort of creative inspiration.

  • The workings of the festival, what events will commence? What will the layout be like? I was thinking about – live music – live mural painting – live competitions/workshops – good food – design movies – creative spaces – etc..


Before doing any more with the branding, I need to spend some time working on the actually event. I need to keep asking myself how will it spur BRAVERY, while constantly referring back to the D&AD brief and my own proposal.


Group tutorial

Not sure what to make of todays tutorial. I had a chat with David Yesterday, and it seemed Ray’s opinion was in slight contrast to David’s, and he wasn’t quite feeling my ideas. Where David really like the ‘What if’ idea, which carried a narrative, Ray, rightly, questions what it had to do with encouraging braver. I express my opinion it, what would society be like if the worlds greatest design inventions had never existed, due to being afraid? I just need to see how it would fit into a possible outcome. I’ve come to think that the festival might be a sound idea. An unconventional design festival, not like the cheltenham design festival I went to few years back were it was simply just design speaker, but a day, not network per-say, but few days working with professionals. Much like Design Wars Cardiff, were teams of 4/5 each has 1 professional and with a random theme and images they have to design a poster for a film, but what if the creative games in the festive challenged bigger things? what if companies and charity’s got involved?

I understand what I need to do now to progress.


Notes – that I will expand on each individually point.

  • Narrative: Non confident people keep their ideas to themselves, does that mean society misses out? what if someone like Steve jobs was like this and he hadn’t started apple?  What if…?
  • Instilling confidence
  • Idea is currency – idea and strategy > design skills
  • Upstarts Design Programme. What is it? – If you’re interested in getting started, or have maybe already dipped your toe in the world of advertising and design, then you should take a look at the Upstarts Programme being run by ICAD here in Ireland.They are running workshops in both advertising and design over a six week period. During the workshops a different brief will be given each week and it sounds like a terrific way to build up a portfolio. There are experienced mentors for each upstart and an exhibition of the work built up over the six weeks will be displayed at the end of the programme.There’s no charge for the workshops but to get a place (and there are only 12 places) you need to respond to an design brief to create a logo for the Dublin Olympics. So it’s an interesting idea, but in this case quite explicit and in Ireland.
  • Celebrating individualist
  • Working as a collective
  • exposing your own potential
  • A social event – festival – evening – social event? where? when? unconventional?
  • Achilles heel – being introverted, especially when it comes to share work, and our skills.
  • Simple
  • ‘Like a girl’ but for designers? We don’t just design menus, posters, or logos. Stereotypical thinking, like in the like a girl campaign, effects our confidence and enables us to reach our full potential as a designer.
  • D&AD New Blood academy again is explicit, and only for New Blood winners


Great tutorial with David, and exactly what I need to get started and motivated for the project. We discussed the following:

  • What being brave/courageous mean’t to me
  • Past D&AD winners – Make your mark
  • Narrative – context of professional and designer experiences
  • Design for design vs design for change
  • Community? design
  • I need to be brave on this project
  • Brave/ballsey/bold designers/creatives, e.g.Stefan Sagmeister
  • Social potential and effect
  • How can I instil bravery into our practice?

Action I’m going to take:

  • What does an enterprise have to be? what can it be? creative enterprises
  • What is courage/bravery? Ask friends, professionals, tutors
  • What professions do you think when it comes to bravery? firemen for example. What effect can it have on the world if design wasn’t brave or ambitious? Bridges for example, connecting places

Should keep me busy.

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 11.31.10