Work experience with The Theme Team at Boardmasters Festival

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Work experience – Vision Nine: Boardmasters Theme Team

Location – Newquay, Cornwall UK

Date – 03/08/15 to 07/08/15

Vision Nine

Vision Nine are a multiple award winning company that creates and curate events that build social, cultural and lifestyle value.


A unique blend of music and waves on the Cornish coastline, Boardmasters is the UK’s major celebration of surf lifestyle. Host to top international athletes and world class music acts, Boardmasters brings 150,000 people flocking to the sands to soak up the atmosphere and revel in our awe-inspiring cliff top location.

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Day three highlights

The Theme Team

Theme Team volunteers are responsible for “theming” and decorating the Boardmasters site. You will be working alongside the creative managers, professional crew and be responsible for making the whole event look and feel amazing.

This is the 5th year that Team Theme have been working their magic, and it is now an integral part of the festival. This year we’ve put lots of energy into making Boardmasters more beautiful than ever.

The week

Firstly, despite being a voluntary thing, we still had to fill in an online application stating why we would be good for role, our experience/background and our interest in the festival itself. It was my love of music, art, extreme sports and adventure that got my accepted.

It started off as we all congregated (just over 30 of us) at The Barn, This was on the farm which was the home of the festival situated at Watergate, Newquay. We first met Amy Della (Theme Team Creative manager) and Lucy Hall (Creative Manager), who briefed on the role we where to play in the coming together of the festival.

Through out the 5 days the jobs varied from painting pallets for seating used in specific areas of the site (for instance these ones in the Artist’s area (which was an area behind the mean stage designed purely for the musicians to hangout) –

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 18.59.08

– to, designing Eco boards that where place on fencing around the camping area, bring awareness of such things as re-using your water bottles, taking your tent back with you and not leaving it behind, etc..

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 15.33.03

The two factors of this experience that stood out to me where, working in such a large group of creative people. It was kind of like a massive team building exercise and something similar to the Foundation course I attended. We worked between 10 and 14 hour days in the rain and shine, yet it was enjoyable. Secondly being there from when it was nothing but fields to a fully build festival. The first couple of days it didn’t feel like a festival, more of a building sight. But when Thursday came and the stages and food/entertainment stalls were up, and they where doing sound checks all over the site. We could really see the festival coming to life and it gave so much self achievement.

The staff catering was also surpassingly good. My expectations were very low for this, yet I wasn’t fussed and happily surprised. Big fried breakfast every morning, Lunch time could be anything from a huge pulled barbecue chicken wrap with salad and homemade nachos, to chicken pasta and garlic bread, while even could of been salmon, chicken or even lamb. It’s important that you knew that as it was excellent and much missed since leaving the festival.


Creating wooden sculptures, designing eco boards, painting, manual labour, taking artist direction from creative directors, using our initiative and working with others (creatives and labours), these are all the thing that where touched on during the week with the Theme Team. I’ve also now got a contact in events Creative Manager Amy Della, and the opportunity to get involved in similar events.

It was hard work, but work I enjoyed doing with people that made it enjoyable. I will be doing this again next year and could even consider it a create direction.

Attached is a reference for Amy Della

Boardmasters reference


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